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North West Krav Maga. At North West Krav Maga, we provide high class Krav Maga training to help you achieve your goals – be it fitness, weight loss or learning practical self defence techniques.

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About Krav Maga
Not your typical martial art

Krav Maga is not your typical martial art. In fact, it’s more than a martial art. It’s a combat system that equips you with practical techniques to defend yourself in high stress and life threatening situations.For a Kravist, there are no rules when it comes to his/her survival. The Kravist does whatever it takes to defend – be it improvising weapons, striking to the groin, biting or gouging. Survival is the key.Krav Maga is easy to learn and you can master it quickly. You don’t have to dedicate years of practice or blow up your body to learn Krav Maga. All you need to do is to commit yourself to at least 3 months of training.

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How We Can Help
Fun, Secure and Friendly

At North West Krav Maga, we provide a fun, secure and friendly environment where you can learn authentic Krav Maga moves without the risk of injuries. Led by our founder, Dean Saitch, our professionally trained instructors are highly experienced and skilful. They are here to help you achieve your goals at your own pace.Learn to defend yourself with North West Krav Maga in 16 weeks. Commit yourself to at least 16 weeks of training, attend at least 1-2 classes a week, practice hard, and you will begin to see a change within and around you.

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What to Expect
All about Awareness

Self defence is all about awareness, and quick movements. That’s exactly what you’ll become proficient at when you join Krav Maga Warrington. You will:

See an increase in your awareness levels, which will help you stay on the look-out for imminent threat

Learn easy, practical countermoves you can implement intuitively and quickly to defend yourself

Experience an improvement in your overall health and fitness levels

Learn how to use natural reflexes and reactions

Quickly learn some simple and effective high-utility techniques to defend a variety of attacks

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Classes at North West Krav Maga are offered by Dean Saitch, a professional with over 30 years experience in hand to hand combat training.

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